Sunday, August 21, 2005

Time to give thanks

In the summer of ’97 I returned to Germany for my year of compulsory social work. I was on a tight schedule – I had to work a lot of double shifts and weekends to make sure I could get done with the social work, in the intensive care unit of a nursing home, in time to leave for college in the U.S. the following year. But somehow I also managed to start a band and weasel my way into another as a bassist.

Sermon existed only for that one year, though we played one re-union in early ’99. We never had a permanent bass player, we only played a handful of shows and gave out less than a hundred copies total of the two demos we recorded. So that happened, we thought. Frank (vocals) and Thorsten (drums) went on to form the Kinetic Crash Cooperation and it was years until I played in a band again.

However, two years or so ago, Kunal from Superfi Records stumbled upon our demo mp3s online and liked them enough to offer to release them as a 7” – pretty gutsy, considering how long ago we had broken up and that we’d never tour or record again. So, the purpose of this post is primarily to give a shout out and big Thank You to Kunal. I believe he has a few copies of the record left (on orange vinyl, I might add), so hop over to Superfi and check out this and his other fine releases. (I have a few copies left as well, so if you live stateside and want one just write me).

As you’ll be able to tell, we were listening to a lot of Converge, Coalesce and His Hero Is Gone back then. See Aversionline for a review.

Sermon – Schwach
Sermon – A Traitor to the Human Race
Sermon – Masslos
Sermon – Tiefschlaf
Sermon – T-Shirt Game

While I’m at it, I’d also like to thank all of you for visiting, checking out the music on here and giving me feedback (hint: if you haven’t, leave comments and let me know what you’d like to hear more or less of)!


Anonymous desintegrado said...

nice stuff, a strong german emogrind sound, which i love, you should have kept on playing...

3:59 PM  

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